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House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Scary and Fun Ferris wheel

          Jiangcheng's playground is in Dongcheng district. It is not far from where Yang lives. With the taxi arrives soon. When at the gate, Yang Yi is still buying tickets, the little girl has been looking at the high Ferris wheel excitedly, called up: "!?, I want to sit on the Ferris wheel, Dad, take me to sit on the Ferris wheel!"
Perhaps by the little girl's emotional influence. Yang Yi, who the slightly gloomy mental state has gradually become sunny.
He laughed, and took the little fellow up in his arms, and gave him a little lift. She sat on her father's neck.
This is the first time!
Xi Xi felt the feeling of the clouds, the little girl some not reserved to scream, and then giggled happier!
There are a lot of children at the entrance to the park. This amusement park is probably the most attractive place for children except the zoo in jiangcheng.
Big burly Yang Yi and the sweet little princess Xi Xi on his neck, still visible in the crowd, caught the attention of everyone.
Of course, the children frequently looked at Xi Xi sitting high, eyes of envy are revealed.
Soon, not far behind Yang Yi, a little boy is also pulling his father. However, his father didn't want to, so the little boy started crying.
It's so loud, even Yang Yi who was like a terracotta had to turn and look over. Just look, Yang Yi, who was always cold, pulled the pull of the corner of his mouth, almost laughing.
Look at that little boy's body, it's just like the mother next to him, and it's only six or seven years old, and the legs are bigger than the regular baby, not to mention the fat belly!
And his dad, who was standing awkwardly at a loss, was as thin as a hemp pole.
Yang Yi didn't feel bashful to watch the scene of bustle, it is their turn, Yang Yi hurriedly took Xixi to check in a ticket.
When we leave, Xi Xi looks back curiously and asks, "Dad, why does look like that dad’s brother doesn't like it?"
The first play of the attraction, nature is Xi Xi long-awaited Ferris wheel.
However, in the front wheel, Yang Yi somewhat disappointed, the Ferris wheel is not very big, at most only fifty meters high.
It's not fun!
But for Yang, this kind of Ferris wheel is too high for her to play.
Of course, Yang didn't forget that Xi Xi is the main character today. He lined up with Xi Xi and walked into a small box on a Ferris wheel.

A "bang" sound, the door closed.

The Ferris wheel is continuous, sitting in the box, and squeaks and whirling outside, with a clear and audible sound.

Xi Xi was still interested at the beginning of the clump in the window to see, but as the height of the box slowly increased, the little girl starts a panic.

There is a kind of fear gradually hanging in the air!

In addition to the small confined space on the box, the pressure of the depressions exacerbates this fear.

"Daddy, I'm afraid." Xi Xi's little head shrank down slowly, shaking and turning to look at his father.

Yang, who was also interested in looking out, heard his daughter's voice, and he bent down, and he held Xi Xi in his arms and sat down.

"Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, daddy's here!" Yang has gently patted her little head, and the soft hair feels good.

In her father's arms, Xi xi's fear of heights weakened a lot,

The curious nature of the child made her look out again.

"It's getting smaller!" "She murmured.

"Look, baba, look at that little brother!"

"Baba, baba, look, that's a bus! It looks like a bug."

The little girl couldn't wait to share everything he saw with his dad, and Yang was smiling, and he didn't get tired of looking at his head, and he responded.

Down from the Ferris wheel, Xi Xi is still some dissatisfaction, pestering his father to sit again.

This time, instead of dad holding her in his arms, the little one seemed to get used to it.

Xi Xi is delighted to be in the sky when the highest turn, in the sky also appeared a silver plane, slowly across the sky.

"Airplanes, baba, it's airplanes! Xi Xi jumped with excitement.

Fortunately, the little girl's weight is too small to shake the giant Ferris wheel.

Yang was a child, and he was with his daughter's little head, laughing and fighting over the window to see the plane.
This is a severe consequence, too, and at the end of the evening when the playground was closing, Xi Xi was crying and not going back.

"Can we not go back?" The little guy cradled his daddy's leg, with his tear-away plea.

"It's not that dad didn't want you to have fun, but now it's closing, and the Ferris wheel has stopped." "Yang explained with a headache.

"No, no, Xi xi no. He shook his head.

In fact, it's not just about Yang and Xi Xi, the main entrance to the playground, the kids who don't want to leave are lined up in a line.

Xi Xi is not only crying, but there are also worse than she cried!

For example, the little fat boy they saw before Yang Yi came in. The sound of his crying was so terrible that some of the few Children were too scared to look at him.

The cries of the cries of the weeping, and the sorrow, the unrelenting emotion that resonates with the surroundings, can't stop.

Yang Yi grabbed her schoolbag and became a little upset.

"Dammit! Why are the children in such trouble?" Yang felt his head was exploding. He thought it was more challenging to take care of a child than it used to be to break through the security system and kill a politician.

That's so unreasonable!

Apparently, somebody else's playground is closing, why are you crying with dad? Does crying make the playground open again?

Yang Yi is afraid of trouble in the past. I'm so scared he will go straight away.

But he now controlled his anger, for the flourishing style of the young girl was clutching his trouser legs.

"Just, I'm afraid I'm going to have to have a little fellow in my life!" Yang Yi heart wry smile, or squat down.

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